Paul Jaeb — Speaker, Private Detective, and Consultant

  • Paul Jaeb — Speaker, Private Detective, and Consultant

    Hear Paul Jaeb share his keen insights from 20 years as one of the nation’s leading private investigators.

    Paul Jaeb has seen it all. As a private investigator he’s been at the center of fraud, infidelity, murder, and mayhem. He’s dug up dirt, found missing children, traced assets, and examined evidence. And he’s learned a lot about the human condition in the process.

    He leads over 100 investigators and agents at the firm he started in 1991 and currently heads the nation’s most respected trade association. Perhaps no one knows more about the profession than Paul Jaeb.

    Audiences from coast to coast have heard Paul speak on a variety of topics. From his firm’s investigation of the 35W bridge collapse to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, his insights are both startling and empowering. He strives to dispel the “CSI Myth“ and to leave audiences with a better understanding of how difficult, yet rewarding, his business can be.

Paul Jaeb is not your typical speaker. His main objective is to educate his audience on how they can avoid business or personal problems by leveraging intelligence. Motivating people to trust their instinct, take advantage of technology, and protect themselves are the cornerstones of his engaging presentations.

Speaking Topics

  • Thank God for the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Privacy is Dead… Get Over It
  • Pragmatic Paranoia: Leveraging Today’s Technology to Make Better Business Decisions
  • Scorched Earth Background Checks: Know Your Adversaries
  • Social Media and Infidelity

“Paul has a total command of his profession. Not only is he a tremendous investigator, but a great speaker as well.” – Sheila Engelmeier, Attorney at Law

“His stories about reuniting long lost relatives and finding missing children are fascinating and uplifting.” – Linda Morganstein, Award Winning Writer and Author of Ordinary Furies

“Paul is humorous and engaging, and always leaves the audience with something to ponder.” – Val Vail, President, Julian Vail Association Management

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